Riverdale ArtWalk

As a teenager, Carolyn loved to paint, typically using watercolors, but she didn’t touch a paintbrush for most of her adult life.  After a building a successful career in commercial real estate, Carolyn became frustrated that she'd allowed her creativity to hibernate.  Jumping in with both feet, Carolyn quickly learned that painting and mixed media could be extremely rewarding and that it could provide her with both an escape from the stress of working in commercial real estate in downtown Toronto and a freedom to creatively express industry experiences. 

Using different supports and mixed media, Carolyn portrays the inner workings of ‘the city’ through a series of cityscapes and life drawings.  Shared themes are strong vibrant colour and shapes and active compositions, portrayed through a creative and big, bold approach, a little edgy and raw.  Carolyn tends to use acrylic, custom made stencils and stamps, typical and unconventional tools, using found materials, spray paint, collage, and relief by carving into the wood supports.  All of the pieces on display, except for the life drawing used the same two stamps to create the buildings.  The pieces on canvas are created by building upon layers of collage, spray paint, gel medium, acrylic, custom designed stamps, metal grid stencil and dots.  The pieces created on wood supports are similar and include energetic carving into the surface.

Through her artwork, Carolyn strives to express the energy, dynamics, issues and inner emotions that can only be felt by someone who lives, breathes and depends financially on trades and transactions often controlled by the forces at work in Toronto’s urban core.

Carolyn is a commercial real estate professional who has spent her entire career working in some aspect of commercial real estate, including design, construction and brokerage.  Carolyn graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Interior Design, is a lifetime member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario and Senior Vice President at Lennard Commercial Realty. 

Carolyn built a studio in her backyard in 2018, which she shares with her daughter Stephanie, a fine arts graduate from Queens University.