I love the freedom of painting abstracts. Unplanned, impulsive, colourful, adding, then taking away, they are challenging to complete successfully incorporating all of the design principals. There are unlimited materials and tools that can be used to create abstracts, like bubblewrap, spatulas, squeegees, skewer sticks, doilies, feathers, pencils, pastels, charcoal and always orange and turquoise!


Other Side of the Mountain

20”w x 20”h x 1.5”d
mixed media on raw canvas, hand stretched

This piece reminded me of being on the top of Table Mountain in Capetown, South Africa. My favorite memory was of the clouds appearing and then magically opening to reveal a beautiful vista. The mountain wasn’t crowded because most people want to be there on a clear day. It required more effort and time to see everything, but it was an incredible experience.



30”w x 40”h x 1.5”d
mixed media on canvas

You can feel the energy of this work. I used various materials and tools to stamp, spread, stencil, spray, mark, collage, drizzle and write. It’s one of my favorites and currently has a prominent place in my office downtown. When displayed at shows, this fun and whimsical work always draws art lovers.



12”w x 12”h x 1”d
mixed media on canvas

This little treasure lived a couple of lives before settling as a butterfly, aptly named by my 7 year old neighbour. Spending an hour with three little girls looking at abstracts to see what they could see in each work was enlightening and fun. Many mixed media materials were used, including pastel, spray paint, India ink and metallic paint.