Figures and Animals

I began painting again not long after a trip to Africa, where I was thrilled to experience the animal world for the second time in less than five years. I selected some of my favorite photos to paint, trying to convey the emotions that I felt watching exciting sightings unfold. I’ve included a few life drawings, which have been further developed in unusual ways to build an emotional connection.


Money Problems

22”w x 30”h
paper mounted on handmade wood panel

This life model was particularly skilled at unusual gestures and positions. Facing head on with this one didn’t provide a particularly inspiring pose but allowed it to be further developed into a thought provoking work. The printed text ‘Money Problems’ is added as are two collage pieces of a famous photograph of an apartment building in Regent Park that was partially demolished. The strips are unrecognizable and reveal the room colours and distressed condition of the property, hinting at the poverty, distress and difficult lives of the inhabitants, which seemed fitting. The shelf, drink and red shoes were added afterwards.


Gestures (untitled)

22”w x 30”h
mixed media on paper
(private collection)



20”w x 16”h x 1”d
acrylic paint on canvas

This was one of the first animals I completed in my journey back into the art world. It was a favorite shot that I’d taken of a male lion about to begin a hunt for the next meal. His concentration was incredible. I can smell the field of sage blowing in the wind when I look at this piece.